Chi Rho

"Chi" & "Rho" are the first two letters in the Greek spelling of the word Christ.
( Greek : "ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ" )
Chi Rho is our youth program for those in 6th-8th grades. We generally meet every Sunday afternoon during the school year. Our activities range from bible study, to lock-ins, to serivce projects, to movies. Watch the calendar to see what exciting things are happening, and if you would like more information feel free to contact one of the adult sponsors.

Christian Youth Fellowship

CYF (Christian Youth Fellowship) is for youth in 9th - 12th grades. We are a group that likes to have fun and dig deep. Come and ask questions of faith, make new friends, and eat good food. We are going to change things up with games, Bible Study, and other fun outings and projects. We'd love to have you come and share your ideas. If you have any questions about how to get involved in this group or what's coming up contact Amy.

Junoir Youth Fellowship

JYF is a program for children in 3rd through 5th grades. Children meet regularly to learn faith stories and to begin exploring the Bible and Christian practices. They are encouraged to reflect and explore their faith through games, crafts, stories, & plays.

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